I really don’t see why a lot of guys get “yellow fever” and start wanting to date Asian women. Yeah, our culture is exotic, but I’ve always thought that Asian girls really aren’t that exciting. For the most part (there are exceptions), the Asian girls I know are pretty dull and boring. Sure, we get along fine, and it’s way easier for me to make friends with Asians than anyone else (I guess it’s the similarities we have growing up). But after all growing up with them, I feel kind of bored when I’m near them.

Most Asian girls I know are fun to talk to, but only in a friend way. There’s nothing else to say to them, and they don’t interest me in any other way than as friends. What is there to talk about? For some reason, I think I prefer Mexicans.

Mexicans are closer in culture than any other ethnicities. Living conditions are about the same. We both eat rice. And we’re minorities. And there’s just something else that makes me feel like I relate more with them than white people, for example. Maybe it’s growing up near Mexicans. I live not that far from Chinatown (like 10 minutes by car) and the neighborhood I’m in is almost fully Mexican. There’s plenty of Asians (mainly Chinese) living here too though. I think it’s something that pulls our cultures together.

But back on topic, I think that the reason that Asian girls usually don’t interest me as much as Mexican girls is that I’m used to being around Asians. Mexicans, on the other hand, are a bit similar to Asians (my opinion), but there’s also a lot of difference. Getting to know someone and their culture is like an adventure kind of. Do you guys feel this way about your own relationships too?

-Gary M.

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